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A detour that changes her life. My life. And the lives of many others that come to know her.

Meet Ashley. Ashley, let the world meet you.

Photo Credit  Tasra Dawson~ http://thefemmefotog.com

Click below to see the video of Ashley Scott. Created by Ron Dawson and presented at the PartnerCon conference in New Orleans this past November with Pictage. You will not regret watching this video.


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As only so much information can fit on a flyer and letter I have some additional important information about this event that I want to share. First of all, I cannot express how excited and nervous I am at the same time . This is something new for me and putting together an event to help Ashley has been weighing heavily on my heart and I finally decided I just have to do this…

So here it goes. To Ashley. To the Hope, Faith & Photos For A Cure event. To all those who support this event.

We have many amazing photographers in our community that are committed to giving their time and talents back to Ashley. Wether it’s family pictures, senior portraits, head shots for corporate/business or just “fun and random  pictures of me and my friends”. This is also a great opportunity to meet some of Nashville’s most talented photographers.

There will be several “photo booths” (each with a unique style and props) set up in this great- urban style looking 3,000 square feet space (Marathon Village) and the photographers will be there shooting away. For many of you that may not be familiar with how professional photographers work- most photographers have session fees that include their time and talent, and their services can range anywhere  from $150 to $300 or even more- depending on the photographer and the duration of a session.  Here, at this event, all you pay is $10 a person. Not only is this a huge savings but also another great thing, the admission money  goes to the Ashley Scott Benefit.

All the images taken at the event will be uploaded to Pictage (a site that supports photographers with easy access for online viewing and ordering and post production for their clients) and you will receive an email that provide you with a link to the event. You will log in and be able to view and order any pictures you want. Please note and be patient with us as you may have scroll a bit to find your pictures on that particular booth- much depends on how many images are uploaded. Whatever you order- 100% of it will go to the Ashley Scott Benefit. Yes, 100%. Pictage has been so kind and willing to do this for her and I am so grateful for this. This event will be available for viewing and ordering for 45 days from the day you receive your email. Orders will be mailed directly to you.

Make-up artists will also be available for anyone that wants it for a donation.


When you come to the Marathon Village (the red tall short bldg located at 1305 Clinton Street, Nashville) we will be set up on the 3rd floor and the stairs will be straight across. As you come in- there will be Registration tables set up, where you will pay your admission of $10 a person and also complete a form that asks of your contact info, email address and consent for use of any images for media/web publications.

You will see several “photo booths” set up around and I encourage you to look around and see which style of booth you want to shoot at.  You will also need to remember which booth you were at for the time of viewing and ordering online because the event will be subcategorized by booths.

After your pictures are taken, you will have the opportunity to see some of our Silent Auctions items and bid as well. There will also be refreshments and snacks.

I encourage you to come.  You can meet Ashley. You can hang out. Laugh. Give back…

Within 14  business days  you should receive an email from Pictage notifying you that the event is ready for viewing and ordering.

Thank you for your support and again I will say it, from the bottom of my heart thank you for helping Ashley.

If you have any questions about this event or you want to let us know that we can count you in or you know that you cannot come to the event but would like to make a contribution, email me at carla@carlalynnphotography.com

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How this all began.

One side of the story involves Ashley, a  junior at the time of her diagnosis with cancer. The other side of the story is about photographer that is passionate about photographing teens.  Together they embark a journey that will remain within them always. The photographer struggled with what to do for this girl. She really didn’t have much to give but offers her photos of her journey, prayer and friendship. All the while, this girl, Ashley, gives her so much more.

Showing her life. Teaching her to not sweat the little stuff. Giving her opportunities of a lifetime.

Now, the photographer wants to do more for her.

And this is how Hope, Faith and Photos For A Cure began…..

Captured within days of diagnosis. The Detour Part I.

A few months into treatments, Ashley and best friend.

Homecoming. Quite weak yet pulling strength from somewhere.

Photographer waited patiently for shoot of Part II of The Detour


And now…. photographer puts together a Benefit Event to help raise money. An event called Hope, Faith & Photos For A Cure, all the while, still awaiting for Ashley to finish her treatments so that she can capture her Senior Pictures officially.

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