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The day is here…..

It’s almost midnight. Hours before the benefit for Ashley Scott. Emotions of excitement and nervousness. I cannot wait for it.

HFPC. May it be all I dreamed of for Ashley.

Just a few snapshots of our shoot just before Ashley began her 14th round of treatment a few weeks ago. She wanted pictures with her mom and we went to The Detour Road, where it all began for Ashley and I.

Such special moments….


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Many want to know what the Marathon Village looks like and where it is…exactly.

I went by the location and snapped a few pictures. I absolutely love this location! The view of the city of Nashville is stunning.

It’s address is 1305 Clinton Street, Nashville, TN 37203.

When some enter it in their GPS it puts them at the OTHER CORNER of the street of where the Marathon Village Building is. It’s in an industrial area.. kind of secluded. So…

To BE EXACT… It’s the tall and narrow building ON the CORNER of  14th STREET and CLINTON (thought a picture might help)

There is PARKING off of 14the street, behind the building or half a block down, there is additional parking.

Entrance is on Clinton Street and it’s a cool looking metal door.

There will be volunteers at the bottom level to assist you with REGISTRATION and guide you to the 3rd floor.

If  you still are uncertain as to how to get there, please email us so that we can help you.

I know ASHLEY and I are COUNTING THE DAYS till the event. We are so EXCITED!

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