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Finally…it’s been exactly two weeks since the HFPC benefit and like I promised, you would have the images for viewing and ordering within 2 weeks (whoo- that was close!). I cannot tell you how great it was for me see all the images. I saw so much laughter, silliness and pure joy. Viewing the images that all the amazing photographers took truly completed the experience for me. I cannot share with you all how much all this means to me. I hope that you all enjoy the pictures and the experience as much as I did. Thank you for giving Ashley and I such great memories.

In case you have forgotten how to view and order the images- click on this link www.pictage.com/992498. ¬†Also, I want to remind you that all the images are divided by booths and by the hour. Many of you ūüôā went to several booths- so you will have to search… but trust me, it will be so worth it. This event with it’s images will be available for 45 days. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at carla@carlalynnphotography.com

Again, I want to thank you each of you for everything. From all the volunteers and photographers to the sponsors and families that came to support HFPC.

Below are a few shots that were captured that I love…

Soon a video with images from the event will be posted!


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Finally the day arrived…

This HFPC idea began with a question a photographer asked me while in New Orleans last November. Just as we finished talking about Ashley he asked me ” what are you going to do?”. ¬†That questioned repetitively went through my mind for days and days and I asked myself what do I have that I can use to give back to her? ¬†How can I thank her for what she has given me? Can I really do this?

This vision of mine became clear and clearer. HFPC would take place at a location that we as photographers would be drawn to and it would be  filled with many of us from our community. We would be giving our talents to give back to Ashley and the community that was supporting her. Giving each and everyone of them something that we were and are so passionate about and believe in. Images. Image of this time and place in our lives. Images of laughter and emotion. Images with those we love. Along with yummy finger foods and allowing all those who came to sit and chat and also bid on great items that had also been donated.  And above all, give them  a chance to meet Ashely Scott and see life through her eyes.

I will never forget the day I wrote out the email and truly struggled to hit the send bottom. Not because I didn’t believe in this but because I just didn’t know how much support I would get or if I could truly pull off this. I held my breath for just a second and I remember saying to God, “your gonna have to help me on this one, I really need you.”

I cannot begin to share with you my emotions as the emails came in for support. From Jim Collins with Pictage to every single individual that wanted to volunteer and be a part of HFPC. Before I knew it, I had 34 volunteers and photographers. Location. Photo booths. Silent auction items. Food. Everything I needed.

The day finally arrived, things were hectic. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I was uncertain as to how it would all turn but I knew one thing for sure, I had support and I knew that my heart was there. I had poured my heart into HFPC.

And then it all came together… just as I had envisioned.

This amazing video was created by Ron Dawson. I was so excited when he said that he would come from Atlanta and do this for Ashley and I.  He is an amazing videographer and I have been blessed to build a wonderful friendship with him and his wife, Tasra. Thank you Ron.

It was also important for me that I have someone capture images of the event. Evan Baines captured many amazing images of the HFPC event. Click on the HFPC event and check out some the images from this event on his blog. Evan, thank you so much!

Thank you Ashley. For sharing your life with me and all those around you. Many thanks to your amazing parents for allowing me to do this for you.

Jim Collins and Pictage, thank you for your support. Thank you for allowing Ashley and I to be a part of your community. Thank you for supporting HFPC and for donating the cost of the prints from this benefit to Ashley. We are truly grateful. I have met some amazing people through this journey and have built relationships of a lifetime.

Thank you to each of the volunteers. For giving your time and talents and supporting HFPC. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This event would not have been possible without each of you.

Randy & Lucinda Neff, Peggy Weatherington, Karen Bates, Trisha Long, Charlotte Price, Ruthie Harper, Jennifer Marcrum, Sandie Chauder, Debbie Hatfield, Cody Embertonm Kimberlee Barber, Gregory Byerline, Vanessa McKeown, Irtira Pillow, Phil & Mindy Thorton, Mandy Whitley, Dustin & Lindsey Benson, Jenny Lindsey, Tom Uchida, Whiteney Carlson, Anna Rebecca Hodges, Erin Smagala, Lori Ann Quarles, Adam Meyerhoff and Paul Rowland.

A special thanks to all the sponsors and donors that also made this event possible.

Cindy with the Marathon Village, Chris Williams, Misty Miotto, Will Jacks, Adam with TNA Entertainment, LLC, Debbie with The Renovation Group, Kimberly with Starbucks, Nina with Ingram Books, Ed with Lil’ Cupcakes, Linda with Lia Sofia, Kelli Dodson, Leanne with Mary Michael, Shannon with Merle Norman, Dennis with Quiznos, Tamika with Arby’s, Jim with Snappy Tomato, John with Smoothie King, Robert with Jersey Mikes, Richard with Chilli’s, Stevan with Buffalo Wild Wings, O’Charley’s, Kyle & Angel with Chick-Fil-A, Willie with Papa Johns, Image Salon & Spa, Karen with Scentsy, Allison with Hollywood Tan, Gig’s Cupcakes, Najibe with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Lindsey with Puffy Muffin, Calypso Cafe, Sperrys, Kiva Day Spa & Salon, Hair & More, Irtira with Revamp, Jennifer with Sweet Endings by j, Cody, Wendy, Anna Rebecca, Taypa with Modern Granite $ Marble, Jack with Cromer Printing, Trisha, Vatsana with Marriott and Ms. Ruis with LHS, Mr. Gray and the RSMS Beta Club and all the individuals who made monetary contributions though they could not be present.

Last but certainly not least, I thank my family. My husband, my children, my brother and sister for believing in me and being there right beside me.

If not the most important, I thank God. For this chance.

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