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The day is here…..

It’s almost midnight. Hours before the benefit for Ashley Scott. Emotions of excitement and nervousness. I cannot wait for it.

HFPC. May it be all I dreamed of for Ashley.

Just a few snapshots of our shoot just before Ashley began her 14th round of treatment a few weeks ago. She wanted pictures with her mom and we went to The Detour Road, where it all began for Ashley and I.

Such special moments….


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A detour that changes her life. My life. And the lives of many others that come to know her.

Meet Ashley. Ashley, let the world meet you.

Photo Credit  Tasra Dawson~ http://thefemmefotog.com

Click below to see the video of Ashley Scott. Created by Ron Dawson and presented at the PartnerCon conference in New Orleans this past November with Pictage. You will not regret watching this video.

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How this all began.

One side of the story involves Ashley, a  junior at the time of her diagnosis with cancer. The other side of the story is about photographer that is passionate about photographing teens.  Together they embark a journey that will remain within them always. The photographer struggled with what to do for this girl. She really didn’t have much to give but offers her photos of her journey, prayer and friendship. All the while, this girl, Ashley, gives her so much more.

Showing her life. Teaching her to not sweat the little stuff. Giving her opportunities of a lifetime.

Now, the photographer wants to do more for her.

And this is how Hope, Faith and Photos For A Cure began…..

Captured within days of diagnosis. The Detour Part I.

A few months into treatments, Ashley and best friend.

Homecoming. Quite weak yet pulling strength from somewhere.

Photographer waited patiently for shoot of Part II of The Detour


And now…. photographer puts together a Benefit Event to help raise money. An event called Hope, Faith & Photos For A Cure, all the while, still awaiting for Ashley to finish her treatments so that she can capture her Senior Pictures officially.

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